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Technology has changed the way people see the world as well as how everyone communicates with one another. Even how we consume and access information has been changed. eBooks have replaced the traditional form of books. It is a digital form of a book and can be easily accessible from any desktop or mobile device. There are two types of eBook – paid and free. Most bloggers and businesses offer eBooks for free as a tactic to drive customers and generate leads.

Regardless of paid and free, eBooks take much time for completion. Authors often spend days, months, or even years of writing, editing, and finally publishing their book. That is why it is essential to know that only producing a good book is not enough to market and generate sales. No matter how unique, high-quality content you have used in your eBook. All your effort may go in vain if your eBook is not promoted on the right stage.

It is essential to have a marketing plan to promote your eBook. This article will share all the tips to promote an eBook and how efficiently you can boost your marketing.


Smart ebook marketing works like a lodestone to disband the gap between the reader's desires and your book's ability to satisfy these desires. Use these marketing strategies to promote eBooks.


Stacking your eBooks on preordering is an effective marketing strategy. Authors who list their eBooks for preorders will sell more books. When preorders are live, you can start marketing your eBook even before they have finished. Promote your books on social media platforms by including the preorder link.

Work on your publishing plan and get everything up for preorders. You can start preordering campaign with just only the title and some metadata content on some platforms.


Maintain a private email list. Your list helps you direct contact with your readers. Never add anyone to your list without his/her permission. Use professional email tools to maintain your readers' sign-up, subscription records, and send them professional-looking emails.


Publishing is a relationship business. Try to maintain a good relationship with your readers. Communicate with them on different platforms. Share your stories with them, ask the same from them. Share your eBook's sneak peeks with readers and ask about their opinion and what they expect from your eBook. This way, you build a good relationship with your readers.


You have learned how to apply marketing strategies in promoting your eBooks. Now take a look at excellent tips to promote your eBook online. You can promote your eBooks using the following channels:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Google AdWords
  • Click popups
  • Social Media
  • Retargeting
  • Contributing as a ghostwriter


Facebook is the one-stop place to promote your eBook to a specific audience. Facebooks Ads are best for raising awareness, have the right targeting strategies, and are very affordable. eBooks are one product for which there is no targeted age group. You can easily target your audience and spread your message.


While Facebook is great for expanding awareness, Google can specifically target your audience to who you want to be exposed to your eBook. Google AdWords allows you to attach your ad to a targeted keyword and target audience based on your eBook topic.


Website popup can be used to promote all kinds of content on your website. Click popups are an excellent technique for an eBook. A click popup is triggered once a visitor clicks on a link, image, or designated word.


Writing content and promoting it on other blogs is another best way to promote eBooks. Many people don't understand the power of spreading the word across the internet. To endorse your eBook, choose a blog topic of similar nature, write on it, and at the end of it, suggest readers download and read your eBook.


Retargeting allows you to share ads with people who have already visited your website. Retargeting provides readers with the perfect opportunity to endorse their eBook. One of the benefits of retargeting is that you can keep a record of people who were still interested in your eBooks.


If you still don't know the positive impact of social media, you might be living in the dark. Social media provides you with multiple opportunities to let people know about your eBook. A social platform is the best way to reach the audience and take your eBook marketing to the next level.


When you complete your eBook and decide to publish it for the world, don't think your work is over.

Utilize and implement these strategies to ensure you get a strong audience on board and generate a sale. It is the best time to realize your ebook's potential and gain leads using these eBook promotional strategies.

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